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6 Insights On Content Creation To Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy

Written by Ricky Hardy

While creating content may seem really easy, striking a chord with the right audience with that content isn’t all that simple.

Content without a purpose is merely a string of sentences taking up space. You need to think about the goals of your content strategy. As a content creator, you need to ask yourself what you want your target consumers to do when they consume your content.

Whatever your answer is, your content needs to be impactful if you want to accomplish those goals. Now, the pertinent question is: how do you produce engaging content that adds value to your consumers and drives conversions?

To answer this question, we’ve explored a number of ideas. 

1. Present headlines that promote your content 

Exceptional headlines which are simple to remember and drive more clicks.

That’s why you need to channel your efforts on presenting excellent headlines. Be it on your website, blog, organic search results pages, or social media channels; your headline will be the first thing people see.

If you use a boring headline, you’re not giving people any reason to click on and read your article. It’s vital that you keep the element of suspense intact. This is why you shouldn’t give it all away with your headline.

In 2017, Buzzsumo conducted a survey which recorded that the headlines with catchy trigrams or three-word phrases drove the maximum number of Facebook engagements.

Source: Buzzsumo

2. Be consistent with your research

In order to produce high quality content, you need to keep churning out fresh content ideas connected with your niche. While looking for ideas, you need to act like an opportunistic entrepreneur searching for ways to spread your brand’s awareness.

You need to keep learning about the field you’re in, even when you’re not writing. It’ll allow you to improve the quality of your posts. Here are steps for undertaking consistent research:

3. Attract your target audience with the very first sentence

If you think you have put in a lot of hard work in your content, just ask someone to read the first line of the write-up. Then ask them if that sentence was appealing enough to make them want to read on. If the answer is yes, you’ve just won the 3-second battle to take your reader down to the rest of your article.The opening sentence of your post should be both intriguing and engaging.

You can begin with a quote, a question, an interesting fact, or anything that compels your reader to think.

Here’s an example from Backlinko.


4. Use stunning visuals

It’s imperative to include videos and pictures if you want to engage your readers. Take original photos. It’s fairly easy to edit photos without hiring a professional.

Infographics are another innovative way to include appealing visuals into your content. Since people are more likely to remember the visuals over texts, including the crucial details of your content in the form of a graph is always a great idea.

You can produce short videos. In fact, you can explore a myriad of possibilities with video content. Here are a few options to consider:

  • “How-to” videos
  • Interviews
  • Entertainment
  • DiscussionsProduct demonstrations

Add videos to your email newsletters, website, posts, and social media platform.

5. The content you produce should be actionable

Think about the objectives of your marketing campaign. Focus on what you want to achieve. If you don’t fully understand the purpose of your campaign, your consumers won’t understand either. For instance, let’s say you’re promoting a new product or service on your website. You create a marketing plan around it and write a blog post on it. This is an excellent idea, but that won’t encourage people to buy your product, because your content needs to elaborate on benefits and features, how it can be used, how you have used it, and how it can better your consumer’s lives.. This will push them over the line to make that purchase.

6. Make your consumers think

Producing thought-provoking content is an art.

“The idea behind presenting this type of content is that the reader can relate to what you’re trying to convey,” says Nathan Brody, an academic expert on allessaywriter. You don’t always have to talk about a concept in black and white terms. Allow the reader to think a little. Pose questions with no definite answers. Present some abstract scenarios.

Nevertheless, you need to make your content relevant to current events, pop culture, and our daily lives. This will keep your audience engaged  and help them connect to your brand.

This strategy can also stimulate healthy discussions in the comments section of your content. People will return to your content to check up on the discussion.

All in all, it’s great news in terms of your traffic and engagement metrics. Each visit amps up the chances of conversion. Check out this post from Copyblogger for more insights on thought-provoking content.

Presenting great content requires consistent efforts. Don’t rest  in the safety of the ‘tried and tested!’ Feel free to introduce something out of the box and then build on the thought until you’ve created a consistent marketing strategy.

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