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5 Ways to Boost Sales Using Custom Pull-Up Banners

Written by Sam Singh

As a small business owner, you likely want to have prominent signage outside your store so that you can attract customers. But the disadvantage with that signage, while prominent, is that it only attracts those in the immediate vicinity. How do you ensure more people know about your business? One of the best ways to do that is through a custom pull up banner.

Personalised pull up banners can be placed anywhere, and they can attract the attention of potential customers. It is also a great way to advertise your online store and any promotions that you have going on at the moment.

Here are five ways you can boost your store sales using custom pull up banners.

1. Create a custom discount

During specific periods of the year, you might be running special promotions that provide great deals for your customers. Seasonal occasions such as Christmas are especially great for driving sales in your store.

In order to make sure a greater number of people are aware of your store promotions, you can use a custom pull up banner. The advantage is that different locations can have their own custom discounts, based on the preferences and spending power of consumers in certain areas. This means that you should customise your pull up banners accordingly. Using promotional banners to offer discounts is also a great way to renew interest in your brand.

2. Use a banner to sell product bundles

If your small business involves selling a bundle of products that can be beneficial to your customers, then it is highly important to create awareness about it. When you bundle products together, it allows your customers to see what they are getting for great value. It also allows you to sell more products. Using a custom pull up banner to prominently display the product bundle options can help drive sales.

3. Use model images to attract potential customers

Images are a powerful way to attract customers. Before they decide to buy the products you’re selling, customers want to know what the product looks like. A custom pull up banner using model images can help attract potential customers.

For instance, if your small business sells candles, an image of what the candle looks like would be great to have on your banner. This way customers know what to expect when they order from your business.

4. Take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out)

One way to drive more sales for your business is through using fomo, or fear of missing out. This refers to the feeling people experience when they are worried that they’re missing out on a rewarding experience that others are benefiting from.

One way to capitalise on this is by offering giveaways upon purchase of a product. You can put a time limit on a custom banner to make sure your target audience knows there is only a limited period of the offer. Many people love freebies, especially when they can also shop for the product they would have bought anyway. Another way to entice your customers is by offering early bird prizes. The longer they wait, the more likely they are to lose out on freebies.

You can also announce sales for a limited period on your custom pull up banners, which would certainly entice your target audience to make use of the discounted prices. 

5. Advertise a contest via pull up banners

Another way to get your customers to visit your small business and purchase products or services is by using contests. You can design your custom pull up banners to advertise contests aimed at your target audience. For example, people may need to visit your store and buy something to enter the contest.

A grand prize can certainly encourage people to enter the competition and purchase your products or services. You need to make sure your custom pull up banner is designed in a way that it gives enough detail without overwhelming people with too much information.

Whatever prize you do offer, it should align with your own brand, products and services. If the prize is a limited-edition product, you must make sure the custom pull up banner is clearly announcing that to the target audience. Remember that your business logo needs to be large enough to capture the attention of your customers.


Custom pull up banners are a great way to get more customers to buy from your small business. You can personalise banners to ensure it suits your needs and is directed towards the customers you’re targeting. It can also help spread the word about discount promotions and any sales you’re having at your physical or online store.

There are a number of marketing methods that utilise custom pull up banners to get more customers. You can try out various designs and tried-and-tested strategies to reach more of your target audience and boost sales. 

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