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5 Ways Store Owners Can Boost Their Offline Promotion in Time for the Holidays

Written by Nick Brown

The end of the year is pretty much at our doorstep, and you certainly know what that means – it is time to prepare for the holiday season! It is an undeniable fact that a great number of businesses have focused their marketing strategies on online tactics and methods. Today pretty much everyone relies on the internet to make purchasing decisions, with the majority of them doing it via their mobile phones – however, this does not mean that offline marketing tactics are dead and gone.

In fact, the best marketing approach is the combination of the two worlds, the so-called tradigital marketing. It’s actually a way to truly stand out amongst the competition and cover various audiences that might be interested in what you have to offer. Furthermore, it is important to know that, even with the huge effectiveness of online marketing strategies, some of their offline counterparts can actually result in a better return on investment, particularly if you are doing business locally.

As for the holidays, it goes without saying that it is the time of the year when your sales are going to peak, so this is the big moment when you should bring out your best ideas and hope you get through with a huge success.

1. Decorate your store in a holiday fashion

For starters, your store needs to dress up in holiday attire, and you need to adapt everything according to it. First, your storefront needs to show off creative holiday decorations, and appropriate products that you know that are going to sell the most during this period. Bring out your best items, and accentuate them with just the right decorations. You need to do the same inside the shop. The perfect solution is to have specially decorated spots, where you are going to place your most valuable products. This will surely attract your customers’ attention and make them evaluate how much they need this particular item.

So, basically, make sure that people notice your store from the outside, and then walk straight in and experience the holiday spirit.

2. Contact a local print publication

While online media may be overtaking the press, a print is still as important as it used to be. And what better time to pitch a press release to an appropriate newspaper or magazine than during the holiday season. This is a great time for your business to find itself in a publication where you are going to tell the story about how your company performed during the entire year, and what specials you have to offer, now that the holidays are on our doorstep.

This is bound to get you a lot of desired attention. Remember that it is always valuable to have as many good relationships with the press as you can.

3. Make your packaging stand out with its special holiday design

Of course, one of the simplest and fastest ways to get a prospect interested in your product is the manner in which you package it. This requires some special attention during the holiday season. Focus the creativity that you usually would on making original and visually enticing product packaging, by making it fit the holiday season. If you’re preparing for Christmas, make sure that the design includes appropriate decorations. You can include Santa Claus, or if you have a brand mascot of your own, make it wear Santa’s clothes.

Of course, the general rules still apply. Implement your logo in such a way that it is instantly noticeable, and make sure that there is something about the whole design that makes it stand out. It is important that your approach isn’t too similar to your competitor’s because that way you will only blend in with all the other holiday products that are available.

4. Visual assets

Presenting your company and offerings through the use of striking visuals remains as essential and powerful as it is during regular shopping periods. Billboards are a very effective way to attract the attention of people passing by. Only this time, next to placing your product upfront, and making sure that the design is creative while the content is informative, you will, of course, also include certain items that signify the particular holiday that is taking place. Next to billboards, you should also invest in posters, signs, or even look for a fence wraps sale, so that you can cover all sorts of surfaces with your visual marketing assets. Furthermore, you can use vehicle wraps and create mobile advertisements. Unlike billboards that serve a particular location, branded vehicles drive around and advertise your offerings to everyone along the way. Finally, don’t forget to design holiday-themed flyers and pamphlets that people will carry around as a reminder to visit your shop.

5. Host a holiday event

Finally, once the season is here, you could decide to hold a holiday event, such as a show or a party, and make sure that your loyal customers and business partners enjoy the holiday spirit under your wing. If you organise it properly, this is certain to leave a big impression on everyone and make them very interested in doing business with you. It certainly adds the human factor to your business efforts. You can also decide to hold a party for children and have a Santa Claus be the main entertainer of the event. Provide your customer’s kids with some freebies, and let the parents know that your store is offering special deals or discounts.

The holidays are near, and more than ever, it is important that you come up with a brilliant marketing strategy. The best strategy consists of both online and offline efforts which complement each other in order to bring you the best possible results. Of course, this time you will decorate everything in the fashion of the particular holiday that is taking place.

It is the time of year when your sales are going to peak, so you need to do your best in order to stand out amongst your competition and provide potential customers with an experience that they won’t forget (as well as a bag full of your products that they will cherish).

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