5 tips for overcoming the struggles of running a business as a woman

Written by Laura Tien

Men and women face different struggles in balancing life and work.. Today, we’ll be going through some of the struggles that female entrepreneurs sometimes face and how to overcome them.

Know your business inside out

It’s important for every small business owner to know their business inside-out but it sometimes feels as though it’s even more important for women. Understanding your industry, your competitors and exactly what your business does can help prepare you for any questions or doubts that other people may have.

Workit Spaces eCommerce Hub has created a video to showcase the female entrepreneurs in their coworking space. One of the business owners, Bella Zito who owns Public Figure, expressed that her experience helped her tremendously. As a woman, she wasn’t taken seriously until she could prove her deep understanding.

Find a support network

Create a great support network for yourself. There are different ways to do this. For example, you could join an online community, lean on people in your current circle, go to relevant meet up events, or join a coworking space.

Find a mentor

Following on from the last tip, doing things on your own is difficult. Having a mentor can really help you with your professional development significantly. Do some research to see what organisations are available in your city, or speak to your network both online and offline. There are many female entrepreneurs who are more than willing to share their wisdom with others.

Be yourself and know your worth

This may sound like an odd tip but knowing what you bring to the table will boost your confidence and ultimately improve your chances of success. There have been a number of surveys and research studies that show that women undervalue themselves, especially when applying for new roles.

You can take some practical steps as well. Compare your business to others and make sure you’re not undercharging or underestimating it’s worth. You can also take a look at your goals and dream big. Though women may have obstacles, this doesn’t mean you should have to make your dreams any smaller.

Don’t forget work life balance

Many of us are mums and it’s important to find balance between business and family life. Even for those without their own family, making your relationships and your personal health a priority is incredibly important. If your body and mind aren’t taken care of, your business won’t be able to thrive.

Balance looks different for everyone. To start out, it can be helpful to just be mindful of your time. Take note of different issues and figure out ways to manage them. For example, make it a weekly habit to meal prep so that you don’t have to worry about food three times a day, set a reminder for regular chores that need to be done or delegate tasks to others.

Final words

More and more women are deciding to start their own businesses. Every individual will have their unique struggles but hopefully, knowing your stuff, finding support and putting yourself first will help in overcoming them. There’s nothing holding you back from becoming the next Janine Allis or Naomi Simson.

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