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5 Client-facing Small Businesses Anyone Can Start

Written by Ellen Orton

If you’re looking to move away from the 9 to 5 grind, you might be interested in starting your own small business. Nowadays, a lot of the business ideas we see are based online. However, for those of you that love working with people, we’ll be going through five different ideas that are client-facing and have a low barrier to entry.

1.  Start your own real estate agency

Something a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually start your own real estate agency without having been a real estate agent beforehand. Of course, having the experience does make it easier but it’s not essential. First, you’ll need to complete a Real Estate Agent Licence Course and become legally registered.

After you’ve gone through the course and become licensed, setting up your own real estate agency is just like starting any other business. Sarah Schultz from Schultz Realty started her own agency because she had a keen interest in the property market. She has a few key tips for anyone wanting to do the same;

“Be extremely motivated, know your legislation. Have a very clear business direction, plan and goals. Invest in a business coach.”

2.  Become a personal trainer

For those of you who want to work in the fitness industry, becoming a personal trainer might be the ideal path for you. There are endless ways you could go about doing this. Just like if you were to get into real estate, it’s a good idea to do a course or get licensed in some kind of way before you start taking on clients.

Afterwards, you could become a personal trainer at a gym, visit people in their homes, create a boot camp or even start your own gym. You might also want to build your online presence on social media to help with attracting clients or as a profitable part of the business. For instance, you can offer online courses as well as offering in-person training.

3.  Get into the beauty industry

Another great industry to get into is the beauty industry. There are courses to help you get started in makeup artistry, hairdressing, nails, lash extensions and more. You could even start doing makeup for clients without any formal education. Through the power of social media, especially on Instagram, you can build a portfolio online and start attracting clients.

4.  Become a tutor/instructor

If you have a skill of some sort, there will be a market of people who want to learn it. Anything from just having done well in maths at school or being a master violinist. A lot of the time, it’s necessary to have some sort of accreditation, for instance if you want to become a driving instructor. Other times, such as with primary school tutoring, you can get started right away by finding clients through word of mouth or online.

5.  Do photography or videography

Last but definitely not least is to use your camera skills to start a small business. Though you might want to do a course on photography or videography, people are generally looking for an incredible portfolio rather than your credentials. Though you might not have to spend money on education, getting set up with equipment can be a major cost at the beginning. You will also need to be confident in your skills and talent.

There are a bunch of different niches such as food photography and wedding videography. After you figure out what you want to focus on, you need to start building a name for yourself. This could mean doing work for a lower price at first. Ask your friends and family if they need your services or if they know anyone else who would.

Final words

These small business ideas allow you to control your own hours and be your own boss. Getting started will often take some money and time. However, once you’re ready to go, you can start working with clients. Remember that running any type of business will take hard work and dedication if you want to succeed.

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