4 Ways to Improve Your Field Service Operations

Written by Olivia Lucas

Field service operations pertain to the part of your business that performs jobs outside of the office. It typically entails dispatching workers or contractors to your clients’ homes or commercial spaces to install, maintain, or repair equipment or systems. Industries like construction, plumbing, and even IT, are some companies that offer field service.

Employees working on the field play a significant role in your business operations. There are a number of strategies you can implement to boost the productivity and efficiency of your field team. Technological advancements such as field service management software in Australia can streamline your workflow and improve overall management. When your field service operations are optimised, your business profitability is also positively affected.

This article explores four of the best ways you can improve your field service operations.

1. Train Your Field Service Team

Having a thorough recruitment process doesn’t guarantee that your field service team is up to date on all necessary skills and qualifications. Ensure your team stays in the loop regarding technology improvements and new processes.  

The following tips may assist when training your field service team:

  • Consider conducting some of your training offline to maximise the time spent on in person day-to-day operations.  
  • Schedule training outside of their regular work hours, so as to not interrupt or interfere with their tasks.
  • Role-playing is an effective strategy to implement during the training, as this will give your employees hands-on practical experience. Your staff should be well-equipped to handle any problems or challenges met on the field. 

2. Send the Right Tools and Technicians

No matter how advanced your field software is, it would be useless without the right technician. Assign your employees to the various roles most suited to their expertise, experience, and software skills.  To enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business, ensure your staff have the right tools and knowledge for the job.

First service management software can assist by creating a schedule, so that all employees know when and where specific projects are being completed. With this list, you can also prepare the necessary tools for each employee before they travel from home or the office to the job site. This system makes a significant difference in speeding up the dispatch process.

3. Focus on a Better Response Time

Another way to improve your field service operations is to focus on a better response time. Customers generally do not wish to wait for many hours before their concerns are addressed. 

In this way, the proper field service management software can help cut down waiting time. It makes it easier for managers to assign employees to customers nearest to their current field location, which will reduce travel time. You can check which employees have completed their tasks in less time than scheduled, so they are able to assist other customers on the waiting list. 

4. Make Communication a Priority

One of the top killers of efficiency is a lack of proper communication. In the past, communication and collaboration was a common problem for employees on the field. Today, technology has bridged that gap. Even for field employees, strong communication can be achieved. 

Some tips you can apply to improve communication with field service employees include: 

  • Provide feedback as soon as employees report concerns to you in the main office; 
  • Set up weekly meetings with your team members, usually at the end of the week, to ensure that each problem has been dealt with and not carried forward to the next; 
  • Assign field employees according to their respective strengths and weaknesses; 
  • Offer compliments or bonuses to your staff, to keep their morale high; 
  • Make each employee’s role clear right from the start.


For field service operations to function effectively, many factors come into play. Proper management of your offsite team may be challenging, but it is achievable! From managing field workers efficiently to improving customer satisfaction, the tips above can drastically improve your small business.

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Olivia Lucas

Olivia Lucas is a senior manager at a field service operations company. She’s been working in this position for three years. She’s currently completing her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. During her free time, she loves to write on her blog, hike in the mountains, and go to the spa.