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4 Simple Copy Hacks To Create Impact

Written by Gemma Hawdon

In a perfect world, you’d have a team of talented copywriters eagerly waiting at your fingertips to craft some kick-arse marketing copy that quadruples your sales overnight. In the real world, tight budgets and poor timing often means it’s down to you, your CFO or your part-time receptionist.

So, wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn 4 simple, yet powerful copy hacks to ensure your website or marketing copy creates an impact?

Have purpose

As a business owner, you’re proud of what you’ve established – and so you should be. It’s only natural then to write about your business, products and services and how they came to be. But if all you’re doing is telling your story, your copy has no purpose and fails to create a response.

Copy hack no. 1:

Create copy with a specific reaction in mind. Whether it be to buy your product, sign up for a service, submit contact details or book a meeting.

Once you know the reaction you’re trying to drive, pick the arguments that will make it happen.

What solution do you offer?

Why is this relevant to potential customers?

What’s their emotional trigger?

Do they have doubts and how can you overcome them?

What will it take for them to buy in?

Every piece of information you include should nudge potential customers towards your desired reaction.

Be less passive, more active

“Our products are loved by our customers.”

“Our customers love our products.”

Corporates and professionals often make the mistake of using a passive voice, because they think it sounds, well, more corporate and professional.

The truth is, a corporate and professional tone can be dull and confusing. Clear and simple is more effective.

Passive sentences tend to be wordier. The subject is usually at the end of the sentence after the action. The subject undergoes the action rather than doing it.

Active voice, on the other hand, puts the subject at the front of readers’ minds. We know who’s doing what right from the outset. Active voice uses less words for shorter, sharper sentences. It’s more direct with a stronger command, so it has a greater impact.

Copy hack no. 2:

Next time you’re tempted to craft a sentence like –

“Our results can be seen firsthand.”

Swap it around to –

“See our results firsthand.”

SHOW, don’t tell

In sales copy and content all across the globe, businesses are busy telling us how wonderful they are.

We are a young, dynamic, innovative company.

We pride ourselves on building relationships based on trust.

Our products will change the world.

Blah blah blah.

It’s easy telling the world how wonderful you are, but it’s far more convincing showing them Anyone can claim to be the best at what they do, but will people believe it?

Copy hack no. 3:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Awards
  • Stats
  • Case studies
  • Qualifications

These are all powerful ways to prove your worth and increase your credibility – so use them!

Be honest

While it may seem obvious, lies are one of the top reasons brands fail all around the world.

  • false and misleading claims
  • elaborate mission statements
  • unkept promises
  • exaggerations

Ever created a piece of copy or content because it sounds great, you think it’s what your customers want to hear, you read something similar on a competitor’s website, or it’s the direction you intend to take your business at some point in the not so near future?

Well here’s the thing, each little lie chips away damaging your brand and reputation. And a customer’s trust is everything if you want their return business.

Copy hack no. 4:

Identify your true strengths, offerings and benefits and write about those!

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About the author

Gemma Hawdon

Gemma Hawdon is a copywriter and digital marketing specialist based in Melbourne. She’s worked within marketing for companies like GE Capital, Yahoo! and Publicis Group and she’s written for publications such as Inside Small Business, Flying Solo, Mamamia, Melbourne Child and many others.
Gemma works with small businesses, agencies and larger brands to develop powerful, engaging web content and marketing copy that builds brand and drives response. She loves learning about businesses, new and old, and witnessing the passion behind them.