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10 Ways to Show Employee Recognition (and why it’s so Important)

Written by Nina Simons

Many things can cause a company to experience rapid growth, including favorable market conditions or a radically improved product or service.

Business success is almost always associated with a loyal and motivated workforce. In this sense, employee recognition is a savvy business move. Keep reading to learn about our 10 best strategies to show your staff some love.

For no reason

People are used to receiving presents on special occasions. Wouldn’t your staff be surprised by a complimentary pizza for lunch on a regular day? More importantly, it would be for no special reason, which shows workers that their good work is monitored and appreciated. You could also keep cakes and fruits in the fridge, or host team drinks on a Friday

Thank someone in writing

A thank you note will always go down well. Simply saying thank you will make an employee feel happy at the time, but the memory may soon fade away. A colorful and original thank you note will last forever.

If you opt for a written note, then send a digital copy to your employee’s email so that they never lose it. When your worker feels demotivated they can always open up the note to remind themselves of what they mean to your company.

Career care

In the modern business world, workers don’t stay long in a single company. Modern employees are essentially solopreneurs that are constantly expanding their skill-set. When they leave work, they might attend business classes or learn a new language.

In this sense, rewards that employers give out should be career-based. For instance, if you notice that a worker wants to enroll in a leadership program, you can sponsor it or organise a similar workshop on company grounds.

Safer commuting

Many employees face long commutes each day.  Using public transport in the age of the coronavirus can be a health risk but workers driving to work face their own issues. They may spend ages looking for a park, or get caught in traffic or incur pricey tolls.

Improving the way they commute will be much appreciated by workers. You can reserve parking spots for your workers or organise a van/bus to pick them up. Eco-conscious employees would appreciate it if you installed bike racks inside at work.

Actively support mentoring

Every time an employee wishes to learn a new skill, the easiest way to achieve this is to ask an experienced colleague to mentor them. Such instances of learning shouldn’t be random. Why not consider running  an official mentorship program?

For trainees, this is a great way of demonstrating that you have future plans for them, while older employees will feel proud that they are given a chance to share their expertise. A cyclical mentorship program is a win-win situation.

Celebrate birthdays

As mentioned earlier, there doesn’t need to be a particular reason to treat your staff. However, birthdays should be marked appropriately.

Having flowers delivered can be a lovely gift, as can a movie voucher, bottle of wine, or team lunch. You could always go the traditional route and organize a cake in the break room.

Give your employees a voice

Employees can become dissatisfied if they are excluded from the decision-making process. Employees are not owners or shareholders of a business but they should nevertheless be asked what they want.

Essentially, asking staff what they want is a display of trust and appreciation that will make workers feel important, even if their job isn’t the most influential.

Have champs work for you

Just like top athletes receive trophies for their performance on the field, your workers should also be rewarded for their efforts. You can design a goofy trophy that can be awarded to the employee of the week.

You could hold an office Olympics in wacky disciplines such as swivel chair racing . This might seem insignificant and even detrimental to productivity, but in the long run, office games establish a bond between the employer and the employees.

Praise your employees in public

Thank you notes are nice, but sometimes public praise is more effective.

Why not feature your employee on Linkedin or your social media platforms? You can use the social media profile to share your workers’ success stories.

In some cases, TV stations might be interested in covering their story, so give them your full support.

Include employees in your digital marketing strategy

What does the homepage of your website look like right now? Are you displaying the people behind the story? Images of workers and snippets of office life should decorate both your website and social media.

Of course, you shouldn’t force anyone to record material, but if there are enthusiastic workers, share their talents with the whole of Australia. From a poem to a painting, proudly display your workers’ individual talents as part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

Showing employee recognition is important because it boosts morale and increases productivity in the long run. Showing your staff that you truly care about them is fairly easy and you can apply any of the 10 tips listed above, from a VIP parking spot to a bouquet of flowers for their birthday.

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