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10 Reasons Your Landing Page is Killing Conversions

Written by Dana Flannery

The purpose of a landing page is to generate leads and conversions from website traffic. This is not a guarantee by any means – it has to be attractive, informative, responsive and most of all, it should have a call to action to guide the customer journey.

If your landing page is not converting your traffic into loyal customers, it’s time to reassess its effectiveness, as there could be plenty that you’re doing wrong without even realising it.

Here are ten things that could be the reason behind all those lost leads.

1. Too Much Clutter

It’s essential that a landing page isn’t complicated; you only need one goal to convert your audience. Instead of having various options, make the visitor’s decision easy and give one option that leads to your ultimate goal, whether that be to purchase your product or subscribe to your email list.

2. No Call To Action

The truth is, people need to be told what to do, and a call to action button does just that. If you don’t have a call to action, potential leads will fall through the cracks because they won’t know the steps to take to reach your goal.

3. Too Much Information

The purpose of a landing page is to acquire leads or make a sale. However, some people will drop off because you ask them for too much information. Asking for a first name and email is usually sufficient, but once you start to ask for even more information, you’ll come across as being intrusive as well as creating a cumbersome process. It’s all about finding the right balance for your target audience.

4. Get to the Point

Just as people have a small amount of patience filling in forms, they’ll soon lose their patience if they have to scroll through paragraphs of pointless text that doesn’t clearly explain what you’re offering. Make your landing page succinct and concise by outlining the value of your offer quickly.

5. Benefits vs Features

When it comes to promoting your offer, remember you can outline features, but the features aren’t what will solve someone’s problem. The benefits will do the work, so be sure to emphasise the difference between the two.

6. A Lack of Visuals

Videos and images are a must if you want to capture the interest of a potential customer. A landing page without visuals doesn’t tell a story, isn’t exciting and can look dull. Use visuals that support what you’re trying to promote, ensuring that they are relevant to your product and business.

7. Visual Clutter

While it is important that you utilise visuals, it’s equally important that you don’t go overboard. Things like too many flashing buttons and graphics, multiple font styles in different colours; too much of this clutter in addition to copy that is attempting to sell your product will give anyone a headache. A simple, clean and concise landing page always yields better results.

8. No Trust Building

A massive part of the customer journey is earning their trust. Take that out of the equation and conversions are unlikely to happen. Building trust is no easy task, but the best place to start is by; featuring testimonials and ratings from current customers to highlight their goodwill towards you and your business.  It should also go without saying that you must avoid sharing fake testimonials.

9. Inconsistency

One sure-fire way to lose leads is  to have inconsistencies between the advertising and the landing page itself. If you advertise one thing but promote something entirely different on your landing page, you guarantee a high bounce rate.

10. It’s Not A Dedicated Landing Page

If you’ve been trying to use your home page or one of the main pages on your website, then chances are you’ll find it hard to convert your leads. It is a belaboured point, but an effective landing page is all about having one goal and focus. When you use pre-existing pages on your site as landing pages, many things can distract your leads from completing your goal. 

It’s simple when it comes to landing pages – keep your audience in mind and keep it simple. Once you know who they are and what your audience wants, you can create the ideal landing page to convert leads.

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Dana Flannery is the Owner, Creative Director and Digital Strategist at TAC Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane dedicated to helping businesses increase website traffic and conversions.

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