8 budget friendly work-from-home opportunities

Feeling inspired to start a work-from-home business journey, but on a bit of a budget? Wellyou have come to the right placeHome-based work opportunities are trending right now, with many opportunities available across a variety of industries and we’ve got a few to get you started. 

It’s a good idea to spend some time researching the different opportunities out there and find what is going to be the ideal fit for your experience and knowledgeYou want to be able to work in a role that requires your skill set, is something you’re passionate about and can be done from the comfort of your own home office.  

Our 8 budget friendly work-from-home ideas are here to get you inspired and on track without needing to spend a fortuneWhether it’s using your IT wizardry, being a sales gun or putting those super organised virtual assistant skills to good use, we’ve rounded up a collection of work-form-home opportunities for all walks of life.  

1. Online Translation and interpreter operator 

If you happen to be fluent in one or more languages, then consider working as an online translator/interpreterBusinesses often require written and spoken words to be translated from one language to anothersomething which can be easily done at home with minimal expense required. 

With more and more businesses operating offshore and expanding their client database internationally, the demand for translators is constantly increasing. There are often niche markets that require industry knowledge as well as translating skills. These specialised fields can include translating documents like: 

  • Medical documents  
  • Legal documents  
  • Translating technical writing 
  • eBooks

2. Digital marketing services

Digital marketing is a flexible option for those who want to put their marketing expertise to use. For this kind of gig you will need to have some experience in the digital marketing sphere and a portfolio with examples of projects you have worked on to help get clients. 

Digital marketers often work as freelance consultants and help other businesses grow their businesses online. This is a role that can be easily done from home, requiring a dedicated space, reliable internet and creative know-how when it comes to all things digital marketing. The beauty of working freelance is the freedom to choose what type of projects you want and how many clients you want to take on. 

Digital marketing agencies often hire remote digital marketers to help out with certain projects. These roles may involve tasks like researching and analysing current digital marketing trends, policies, processes, providing thought leadership pieces and helping to create strategies with teams to improve their performance.  

3. Run an online store

Launching an online store is a cost effective work-from-home opportunity that anyone can start. There are an abundance of online store platforms and e-commerce programs available to simplify and make your business work without too much of a financial outlay.  

To start up your online store all you need are some products to sell, a reserved space to store your stock and some clever marketing to drive customers through to your online store. 

When setting up your home-based online store, keep these things in mind: 

  • Ensure you have reliable internet speed and connections. Remember that your internet use will increase over usual home usage so you may need to look at upgrading your plan 
  • Make sure your computers are secure and updated with security updates. Invest in a VPN and make sure all your anti-virus software is updated. 
  • Keep your stock in a secure and tidy space where it cannot get damaged. 

4. Consulting

Depending on your specialised area of skills, there are an array of home-based consultancy opportunities out there to explore. Having years of experience, connections in the field and a strong portfolio of examples of your work will definitely help when establishing your name.  

One of the most attractive appeals of working as a consultant is the flexibility to select the type of projects you want to be involved with and the frequency. Many semi-retirees find this a great way to ease into retirement by still being able to work, without the full 9-5, Monday to Friday experience.  

Some of the popular types of consultancy roles that can be done from home include: 

  • Marketing consultant 
  • PR consultant 
  • Accountant  
  • Specialised training 
  • Engineering 

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) are in-demand job that usually involve working for businesses as their administrative support. The role of a VA involves multiple skills and duties. Many of these skills are transferable across different industries. 

Some of the main types of duties you can expect to perform as a VA include: 

  • Making and taking phone calls 
  • Data entry 
  • Diary management 
  • Managing emails 
  • Blog management 
  • Technical support 
  • Graphic designing  
  • Customer service

6. Online sales representative  

Many businesses now outsource their sales departments to staff who are remotely based working from home. If a particular software or type of equipment is required to perform the role, this will usually be provided by the business for you to use without having to spend money on the outlay. 

Having the gift of the gab, product knowledge and basic IT systems experience are some of the ingredients you will need to succeed in a sales rep role. Depending on your background and experience there are many different industries that hire sales reps to help grow their business. Some examples include: 

  • Finance and insurance  
  • Telecommunications  
  • Health services 
  • Online retail businesses

7. Software developer

The role of a software developer is one which can easily be performed from your home office or a sunny patio out the backyard (internet connection permitting). This is a role which is usually performed as a consultant, working for a software company testing their products and services. 

Your technical knowledge of software and systems is vital, as well as a knack for problem solving and being able to assist others. There is never a shortage of jobs with many key industries relying on software systems and programs to keep their business going. 

8. Get the ball rolling

We hope you feel inspired to take the next step in making the transition to a work-from-home career. If you need some more guidance and insight into making the move check out these articles: 

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