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Professional Indemnity for Bookkeepers and BAS Agents

Bookkeepers have a tendency to put their client first. Often the most efficient, knowledgeable and proficient when it comes to financial matters, Bookkeepers use these skills to benefit their patrons, and may not have the time to use their talents for themselves.

 At BizCover we believe this professionalism should be rewarded rather than made a liability. Allow us to do the work when it comes to your business insurance so you can continue to focus on your clients.

 Our bookkeeping clients have lauded our service for its speed, convenience and exceptional follow up. At BizCover, we prioritise you so that you may prioritise professionalism. 

From the 1st of July 2011, the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) requires BAS Agents to have Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance. Professional Indemnity insurance coverage helps to reduce the risk that a client’s losses (due to the conduct of the agent in the provision or failure to provide tax agent services) not be compensated, due to the agent having inadequate financial resources or for any other reason as far as this is practically possible.

The minimum amount of PI cover that BAS Agents need to maintain should be based on turnover. The Board requires that agents have a minimum amount of cover as specified below, provided at all times the amount of cover obtained is adequate for the risks associated with the provision of tax agent services and BAS services in the circumstances of the agent.

Tier Turnover from the provision of BAS services Minimum aggregate amount of cover*
1 Up to $75,000 (excluding GST) $250,000 cover inclusive of legal and defence costs
2 $75,001 – $500,000 (excluding GST) $500,000 cover inclusive of legal and defence costs
3 Over $500,000 (excluding GST) $1,000,000 cover inclusive of legal and defence costs

* Please note that what is an appropriate amount of cover for an agent may in fact be more than what is set as the minimum requirement.

To learn more about the PII requirements as outlined by TPB, please refer to the Professional Indemnity Insurance Explanatory Paper.

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Public Liability for Bookkeepers and BAS Agents

Public Liability Insurance covers Bookkeepers and BAS Agents for their legal liability in the event of personal injury or damage to property of others during the course of normal business operations.

If your business requires your customers or members of the public to visit your home or business, or if you visit their premises, you should seriously consider taking out public liability insurance for your protection.

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Business Insurance for Bookkeepers and BAS Agents

BizCover offers business insurance packs tailored specifically for Bookkeepers and BAS Agents, covering risks such as fire/perils, business interruption, burglary, money, glass, machinery breakdown, public liability, office content, portable equipment, employee theft or general property and income replacement.

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Bookkeeping S Browne 2014-03-26 I think the service is excellent because I don't have to remember anything myself. I am prompted when the insurance is due so that I have no problems with being uninsured through forgetting to renew. The price is OK. Probably not the cheapest though. 5
Bookkeeping J Reid 2014-03-21 All worked as it should. 5
Bookkeeping H Miller 2014-02-06 Made everything straight forward and simple. Great service. Thank you. 5
Bookkeeping A Champion 2014-02-04 Easy to use website for renewals 5
Bookkeeping C Macdonald 2014-02-01 Very quick and easy to navigate process! 5
Bookkeeping V Ryan 2014-01-31 The reminder is helpful and the one step renewal very convenient. 5
Bookkeeping G Sheppard 2014-01-29 Exceptional service Thanks! 5
Bookkeeping M Morison 2014-01-27 Easy to use and the reminder and link are very important. 5
Bookkeeping J Cox 2013-11-26 Great to be reminded that needed to renew . 5
Bookkeeping L Pearce 2013-11-20 Like the fact that it reminds a month before it expires and easy to navigate 5
Bookkeeping S Collins 2013-11-11 It would be good to receive a certificate of currency on completion of transaction or on request 4
Bookkeeping H Manson 2013-10-29 Easy to access and apply for insurance. Was clear and easy to follow. Thank you 5
Bookkeeping Guest 2013-10-27 Processing a insurance policy & renewal is very easy. I have never had to process a claim so I am unable to give a rating for processing a claim. 27-Oct-2013 As mentioned in previous comment. 4
Bookkeeping S Wyatt 2013-10-25 Fast prompt service, and value for money 5
Bookkeeping L Rochester 2013-10-25 Service is fast, easy and cheap enough 5
Bookkeeping A Phillips 2013-10-25 Loved how easy it is to renew. Saves me loads of time. 5
Bookkeeping N Baker 2013-10-25 I was at first confused as to whether or not i had renewed one or both of my policies. I received two separate emails so I thought I would have to submit two separate renewals. Other than that the very easy to work with. 4
Bookkeeping D Krantz 2013-10-24 Quick response to any documentation, good discount and I liked the extra months coverage for timely payments. I have had no reason to make a claim so I cannot comment on that side 5
Bookkeeping J Johnston 2013-10-24 Login and website easy to move around. Able to organise my insurance in 5 minutes with email receipt arriving soon after 5
Bookkeeping C Harrison 2013-10-24 Great service, very quick and easy to use. 4
Bookkeeping B Roberts 2013-10-24 no complaints 4
Bookkeeping N Jenkins 2013-10-24 It was quick and easy. 4
Bookkeeping L Frencham 2013-10-24 Exceptional service and followup. 5
Bookkeeping J Barbara 2013-10-24 I have used Biz Cover twice now and have had a good experience on each occasion. 4
Bookkeeping V Stevens 2013-10-24 Too Easy. 5
Bookkeeping B Horn 2013-10-24 Efficient and professional, saves time and money. 5
Bookkeeping R Hilton 2013-10-24 Great 5
Bookkeeping P Harris 2013-10-24 Simple to apply for cover. I have not made a claim so cannot comment on service for claims. 4
Bookkeeping D Brigden 2013-10-24 Easy to use website 4
Bookkeeping R Dean 2013-10-24 easy to use 4
Bookkeeping C Downey 2013-10-24 It started off as poor but Erick Harmon stepped in and saved the day 5
Bookkeeping K Mcauliffe 2013-10-24 No problems, excellent easy service 5
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